ProQuest’s Policy File Index has moved to the ProQuest Platform.

ProQuest’s PolicyFile database has now moved to the powerful, newly-enhanced ProQuest platform under the new name of Policy File Index. While the legacy version of this database will be available to access up to the end of 2016, you can start to use the new version immediately. Click here to be redirected to the new version.
With its clean interface and responsive design, the ProQuest platform delivers a modern research experience that guides users' discovery, access and management of rich, diverse content sources. Policy File Index is more discoverable as users are able to cross-search its content along with scholarly journals, news and other relevant sources. It continues to be available as a separate database but will also be included in ProQuest’s Politics Collection and Social Science Premium Collection.

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March Commemorates Civil Rights Act
Agriculture/Major Tax Law Changes
Health care

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Welcome to Policy File, a unique database indexing research and publication abstracts addressing the complete range of US public policy research. More about PolicyFile...

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